Originally written & published in 2009 for Examiner dot com; these writings are no longer online at Examiner!

By Kent F. McCracken

An Adventurous Resolve and New Years Bequest

New beginnings coming to light, far beyond spiritual right

Deep-seated passion blowing all through the night

Mother Nature calling yon early twilight

Come cornice come fissure come crystalline height

Come jumping come diving come long airy flight

Come carving come gliding come slippery night

Come stream come chasm come paddlers plight

Come surfing come hanging come watery sight

On soaring on flying on high mountain light

Climb high hold tight exposing our might

Giving it all our own glory and right

Faster we go close to the edge safely perhaps possibly so

Within her folds her crease such sweet dispense

Caress every turn every grasp every hold

Living achievements to chasing our own

Nourished by passion exertion and flow

A leap of faith most notably so

Every task non-less to behold

Wispy white trails sprinkle distant dispose

Slight of right to such dark rushing prose

Blow soft blow hard I’m so indisposed

Falling to forces beyond much repose

To hardship and adventure and undisguised relight

To nature and spaces and oneness in life

To those chasing dreams

To adventurous delight

Cheers to all and to all a safe flight

© 2009 Kent McCracken

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