DF Post #3 September 2016

Momma has a Brand New Bag
Momma has a Brand New Bag!

DeBilzan-Hernandez Designer Handbags

From artist William DeBilzan and designer Mario Hernandez comes a collaborative melding of fine art and fashion. Welcome to DeBilzan Lifestyles.

Art trends in design and fashion require a highly personalized sense of style and fashion for that ‘distinctly you’ appeal!

Allow us to present Mario Hernandez designs and DeBilzan art collections paired for discerning lifestyles.

Designer handbags exquisitely manufactured by Mario Hernandez, featuring DeBilzan’s abstract expressionist artwork of daring figures, whimsical colors, and sweeping landscapes.

Limited edition handbags, clutches, cosmetic bags, satchels, shoulder bags, tote bags, and art apparel offering a wealth of design choices.

When we set out to purpose our limited edition designer handbags, one thought carried the day – to create a line of art inspired designer handbags with a highly personalized contemporary flair. In this vision the DeBilzan-Hernandez designer handbag collection was born.

“Demand is contagious with our limited edition runs, creating highly personalized designer handbags for that distinguished style and taste!”

If you’re still thinking Momma’s old designer bag, we invite you to immerse yourself in the DeBilzan-Hernandez collection. This Momma’s new bag – blends uncompromising quality with Lifestyle designs creating individual personality and character in every bag. Artsy. Daring. Sophisticated fine art designer fashion hand bags.

Welcome to the DeBilzan-Hernandez collection. Search our many styles and options. Shop, compare, share and let us know what you think. Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Thank you for reading, and sharing, and shopping with DeBilzan Lifestyles.

DeBilzan Lifestyles is the US distributor and retailer of the Debilzan-Hernandez Designer Handbag Collection.

To see the complete line of Debilzan-Hernandez designer handbags shop online at DeBilzanLifestyles.com.

Be sure to visit our Galleries when in the neighborhood.

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DF Post #3 September 2016

By Kent McCracken

Content writer. Debilzan Lifestyles.

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